About EcomHacker

Hey, I'm Freddie

If you are struggling with your SEO on your online store… Because there is a lot of conflicting SEO information out there, some many many years out of date!

If you want to drive more organic traffic to your ecommerce site, and potentially double your revenue in less than 6 months – then you’re in the right place.

Everything from the basics for a new online store, to advanced ‘next-level shit’ to maximise your results, you’ll learn all on EcomHacker.

And if you want my exclusive SEO advice (and quite literally any question answered), sign up to my newsletter below.

Some Cool Things Freddie's Done

  • On Site SEO

    Implemented a new title tag & meta description template which lead to an increase in CTR by over 30%

  • Technical SEO

    Implemented a range of technical SEO improvements which lead to a 40% increase in organic traffic

  • Influencer Campaigns

    Founded the Amara Interior Blog Awards, a campaign which has reached over 20 million people!

  • International SEO

    Launched multiple international websites & accompanying SEO campaigns which increased revenue over 400% year on year

  • Blog Growth

    Grown ecommerce blogs from scratch to over 100,000 monthly visitors per month – with over $50k in sales directly from the blog!

  • Website Migration

    Successfully migrated a complete site from .co.uk to .com (with almost no complications)

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